Theories don’t move fast enough.
Theories are only after-thoughts as new spaces between the lines of queer thought, images and practice become inhabited, transformed, played, used up, and finally become outmoded. In-between theoretical spaces, however, are the spaces of magic, creativity, sex, love and deep
histories. These lie outside the languages of fixed meaning and they function best when they are interactive.​​​

INBETWEENTHEORIES is enamored of artists whose work has been uncoupled from conventional frameworks – from those that present our lives in terms of categories and hierarchies, emulous of the political and social bonds from which we attempt to build our outsider habitats. Work that creates poetic syntaxes and uses beauty (and its consort, ugliness); exchanges of difference; and inscriptions of the self to enter the space between theory and logic. No longer a moving target, our subject acts more as a magnetic field. Stories that explore the time/space where everyday life intersects with the historical past, parlaying our modest hope into the future as it comes into being in the vast in-between.
In-Between Theories embraces multiple interpretations: the space between the lines of queer thought, image, and practice; works that inhabit interstitial space/time, between established constructs of sexualities; works and theories that float between two established areas or foundations of recent queer theory; explanations, descriptions, networks not expressed as theory but rather practiced through experimentation and investigation.

The in-between space is not discovered as though it exists in cracks in a block of traditions, nor is it an amorphous zone of the unknown. It is the familiar territory of the everyday, a space/time of poetic alliances, of networked histories, of syntactical realignments that push each revelatory moment into the next. And while the imagination finds a home here, it is not an imaginary space. It is the real space of earth, bodies, connections, and living histories. Not data, but coding; not categories, but rather many instances of continuous change.
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